What I Ate: BBQ Chicken

Just before I started posting about Belize, I wrote a post about our new grill. I wanted to share how we used it that first day, immediately after setting it up. So yeah, this meal is from several weeks ago - actually quite literally one month ago - but it's still summer so it's still appropriate.
While the grill was heating up, I made a little potato salad. It was kind of like the salad from one of my early posts (from back in 2011) but a lot simpler. I just used cute baby red potatoes (boiled until just tender), diced onion, diced celery, minced garlic, chopped parsley, plain Greek yogurt, salt, and pepper.

Simple, fresh, and delicious - a perfect summer time recipe. And, it's an awesome accompaniment for barbecue chicken.
Once the grill was lovely and hot, I cooked up some drumsticks. Being new to this grill, I made a booboo and charred the skin a bit too much on a few pieces but it looked pretty and I left the skin on precisely for this reason: because skin can be peeled off and the chicken underneath stays moist, so no harm, no foul.
I whipped up some homemade sweet and spicy Sriracha barbecue sauce and once the chicken was 90% cooked through, each drumstick got a generous brushing of sauce. Actually, each drumstick ended up getting three or four coats of sauce. The leftover sauce was brought to a boil (just in case there was any active salmonella on the outside of the chicken - unlikely - that contaminated the sauce) and was served at the table for sauce-lovers.
The chicken cooked for a bit longer so the sauce would get sticky and adhere to the meat.
Once it was finished cooking, it was piled on a plate and brought inside. We might've eaten outside if it weren't for the fact that it was too hot and I am a mosquito magnet and our patio furniture is in terrible condition.
We drank lots of lovely chilled pink raspberry lemonade with our meal.
Here's how my plate looked after I piled on the potato salad, wild rice pilaf, and tossed green salad. Oh, and of course, after I grabbed a lovely looking drumstick.
And after the meal, I cleaned the grill with my lovely new bamboo-handle grill brush. Gotta keep that grill clean!


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