Caroline's Cookin'

For our final dinner in Belize, we went to Caroline's because it was rated #4 on Trip Advisor and it was just a short walk from our hotel.

It's not on the beach and the seating is indoors, so it's a great spot for rainy days or for avoiding mosquitoes.
To start, we were given a plate of chips and salsa (free). The salsa was bright and fresh and the chips were super crunchy.

For dinner, we shared three entrees. Each entree comes with two sides, by the way, which is awesome. You can choose from coconut rice, cilantro rice, rice and beans, mashed potatoes, green salad, and a few more.

The first thing we picked off the menu was the spicy shrimp coconut curry. It wasn't as spicy as we'd hoped but it was really delicious. We got it with the coconut rice and a green salad. The rice was fluffy and delicious and went well with the curry.
The second dish we settled on was the Caribbean snapper which was cooked in a creamy coconut sauce. The fish was incredibly fresh, impeccably cooked, and the seasonings were perfect. This was definitely the standout dish of the evening. We got it with the cilantro rice and the green salad. The cilantro rice wasn't overly cilantro-y but still had a lot of flavor.
Lastly, we chose the grilled lobster. It was lobster season so we thought we should go for it. We got it with Belizean rice and beans and steamed vegetables. The lobster was so good. It was cooked perfectly so it was tender and not at all chewy and whatever seasons they used on it were so good. It was herb-y and peppery and really savory. They gave an amazing garlic butter for dipping too. The rice and beans were really good. As for the steamed veggies, let's be honest: steamed veggies are steamed veggies.
Eating at Caroline's was a great finale for our trip, and as you can see, I was quite happy.


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