Manelly's Homemade Ice Cream

Okay, this is my final Belize-related dining out post, for this year at least. I wanted to save the best for last. One morning, it was raining pretty hard so my sister and I worked on a puzzle and watched a lot of television and hung out waiting for the weather to let up. When it finally did, we decided we wanted to get out of our hotel and do something so we decided to take the bikes out. We didn't want to leave without a destination in mind so we looked at the free map we got from the airport and saw an ice cream shop.
We biked over to this colorful little shop, locked up our bikes, and went inside. Manelly's makes all of their ice cream and they roll their own waffle cones. They have traditional flavors like chocolate and strawberry but they also have flavors that will remind you of the beach and tropical location like coconut and banana and Belizean fudge.

Our first day here, my sister got a scoop of the banana and a scoop of Belizean fudge. I got a scoop of dulce de leche and a scoop of coconut. All of the flavors were amazing and the texture of the ice cream was creamy and soft. The waffle cones were so crunchy and sweet and perfect.
The next day, we went back and took our dad with us. He got the butterscotch, my sister got banana (again), and I got coconut (again). If you're ever in San Pedro, go to Manelly's.