I Love Almond Milk

Like many people out there, I am lactose intolerant... kind of. I can enjoy a (small) scoop of ice cream or a cheesy pizza without feeling overly sick but the second I drink a glass of ice cold milk, I feel awful. My tummy aches and I start to feel nauseated.

Luckily, there's almond milk. A few weeks ago, I discovered a chocolate almond milk, made by the brand Silk, that is delicious but perhaps a tad too sweet. The solution? Mix my own, of course!

I prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate because it has more flavor and it's less sweet. Thankfully, Hershey's makes a dark chocolate syrup. Oh, and sometimes, I'll throw in a little sprinkle of sea salt - not too much, literally just a few flakes. The salt just enhances the chocolate flavor. Try it; you might like it. Gloria enjoyed it.
I drink a glass when I wake up in the morning to kickstart my metabolism. It's an awesome pre-breakfast (duh, I need to eat a little more than just a glass of milk) and it keeps me full for an hour or two.
Lately, I've been trying to keep vegan for breakfast (chocolate almond milk and green smoothies) and vegetarian for lunch (portabello burgers and veggie sandwiches). And then I allow myself to be omnivorous at dinner. And in general, I make an effort to avoid packaged foods. I find that vegetables and fruits and nuts keep me full and satisfied and most importantly, awake during the day, which is important, especially when I'm at work. But, because I'm me and I enjoy the occasional steak, I can't avoid eating meat for dinner. I must say though, I do feel great these days; more energized, healthier skin and nails and hair, sounder sleeps, less tummy bloat. Is it my diet? Or is it this awesome summer time weather and sunshine that's making me so happy?



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