Yesterday's post was the last 'dining out' post but today is the final post related to Belize. I promise (I think). I just wanted to share these mini bottles of hot sauce that we saw at the airport, of which we bought three.
Marie Sharp's is a brand we saw everywhere and it's a hot sauce made locally in Belize. This particular bottle is called "Beware" and it has quite an interesting warning on the back. Click the photo enlarge and read for yourself. We've actually used this a few times already. I took a miniscule amount on my fingertip and tasted it and my mouth was on fire. Thus, we use this v. v. sparingly.

These are the three bottle we purchased: the Beware, the Grapefruit Habanero, and the Belizean Heat. The Belizean Heat was actually a souvenir for our aunt who was picking us up from the airport in Newark.
And these aren't hot sauces; these are plantain chips. I just wanted to share them because we got them as a snack to eat while waiting for our flight and they were delicious. The interesting thing about them was that they were cut lengthwise which is not how I usually see them in the States.
Starting tomorrow, I have some awesome posts that I'm quite proud of. I'm super ready to share lots of delicious and fun summer recipes. Thanks for reading!



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