New Grill!

So our grill died. It's been with us for at least 10 years so it was probably time. Rest in peace, friend, but you will be replaced rather quickly. Our grill actually broke just before we went away on vacation and I had plans to purchase a new one as soon as I got back. And when I decide to do something, 97% of the time, it gets done; and this got done.

After a bit of research online (re: I surfed Target's website) I found a grill for $100 that had decent reviews and looked like the right size for me to use. I wanted a no-nonsense, low-maintenance, easy-to-use grill because typically, I let dudes do the grilling because 1) it's a little scary to me and 2) I think they like doing it, or is that sexist of me to say?
It took about an hour to put this thing together, mostly because I'd read reviews that said to carefully follow the directions and honestly, though the instruction booklet is thorough and has detailed drawings, it's not as clear and concise as it could be so we got confused ourselves a few times.

Here we are, showing off our handiwork. Do you like the tan I acquired on holiday?
Here's the inside of the grill. It's just a simple, 2-burner grill. See? The perfect no muss, no fuss grill for a girl like me. Honestly, this is not a grill for entertaining. I mean, it could definitely cook enough for a party of 6 or 8 but if you plan on throwing a barbecue every other weekend, I'd suggest investing in something bigger. Otherwise, so far, I've been loving this thing. Loving it so much that I used it the day we got it and everyday for a week after.
Oh, and don't forget the propane.
So I do have some grill-related posts coming (with a quick "how I used it" post tomorrow) but before I share any real recipes, I have lots and lots of stuff from my trip to Belize to share. Probably two and a half weeks' worth of posts, which I'm really excited about. Thanks for reading.



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