Garden Update 5

Those Belize posts really slowed down my garden update posts. Some of these photos were taken a month ago. But despite their age, I had to share these photos because of how awesomely well the garden is doing.

Look at these huge cucumbers! We've probably "harvested" at least a dozen cucumbers by now. This plant has been v. generous to us.

By the way, if you grow cucumbers, watch out because they're sort of spiky. I like to use a paper towel to scrub off the little "pimples" that can be quite sharp. Oh, and bring a pair of scissors to cut them off the vine. The plant is pretty spiky all over so the scissors are definitely useful.

And there are plenty more cucumbers on the way.
We have a few strawberries coming in too but squirrels have been eating them on the regular so this one got picked right away (and then fed to my pup).
We have a lot of jalapenos that are ready to be picked too.
Jalapeno. Cayenne. Cute tiny habanero.
Check out how much the habanero grew in just a few days! Crazy, right? The two photos below were taken 2 days apart.
Pretty tomatoes.
More tomatoes. Seriously, this tomato plant is out of control. We're going to have to eat a lot of caprese salad, salsa, bruschetta, make some bloody marys, make sauce, and whatever else you do with tomatoes.
Oh, and there are a lot of little watermelon buds so I'm excited to watch those start to grow. C'mon bees, come and pollinate!
Look at these teeny tiny watermelons! I cry at how cute they are.
We even gave away a "bouquet" of fresh parsley, lemon thyme, and rosemary because it was growing out of control. It's probably the best smelling gift ever. Oh, and we stuck a few jalapenos in there too.
I've said it before and I'll keep saying it: nature is so cool and awesome.



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