What I Ate: Green Smoothies

Last year, I posted about green smoothies. I stopped drinking them in the winter but once the weather warmed up, I got back into them. They're refreshing, filling, and healthy and make a great breakfast.
Lately, I've been making my smoothies with just three ingredients: greens (usually spinach), water, and frozen fruit (usually peach or mangoes). Last year's recipe included a banana but I've been omitting it lately because though it makes the smoothies taste too sugary. Also, if I have some on hand, I'll throw in a handful of chia seeds, which are amazing for you.

I pour my smoothies into mason jars and take them to work with me. I'll enjoy one as a breakfast around 8:00 and then drink the second as a snack around 10:00 so that by the time lunch rolls around, I'm not starving and I won't make poor decisions - like eating unhealthy greasy burgers.
My skin looks clear and glowy (enough to forego foundation), my nails are strong, my hair is shiny, and I think I owe it all to green smoothies.



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