Casa Pan Dulce Bakery

So you thought that because I shared our last meal in Belize that I was done with my holiday posts but you were mistaken, my friend! I have a couple more things to share. On our last day on the island, we biked up north and on our way back to the hotel, we spotted a bakery and we popped in to grab some goodies that we could eat for breakfast on the airplane.
They had a lot of amazing baked goods to choose from, as you can see.

Everything was labeled, but that didn't mean we knew what they were. For example, trensas (yellow label)? But we recognized the coconut tarts (bottom left corner) so we grabbed one of those. It was sort of dried out and difficult to chew, which was disappointing, because we enjoyed the homemade ones we'd gotten during our excursions with Searious Adventures. We also got a cheese bun (middle top, next to the trensas). It was just a fluffy piece of bread with a pretty pathetic little piece of cheese in the center, but it was yummy nonetheless.
We ended up getting a pineapple hand pie (down in the bottom right corner) which was amazingly delicious. The crust had bits of raw sugar sprinkled on it which added a lot of crunch and the filling was sweet and delicious. The crust actually reminded me a bit of Jamaican beef patty crust, though of course, it was sweeter. But it had that same flaky and buttery texture and the same lovely yellow color.
We also got one of those breads that look like a hand (bottom center) which was fluffy and quite good. It was just plain - no filling - but it was sweet and yummy. We also got a ham & cheese cone (middle top) which was quite yummy. It had bits of pickled jalapeno in it too, which we enjoyed because we like spice.
We didn't get any of these meringues, but they looked so pretty and photographed well so I'm sharing this photo anyway.
And here's just a shot of my sister holding our empty tray. I was so excited about the treats we'd picked out that I forgot to take a photo of our full tray.
If ever you are in San Pedro, I would recommend that you find a bakery, any bakery, and try the breads. The mixture of cultures in this area has influenced the baked goods in a great way and we definitely enjoyed it.


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