Breakfast Rice & Beans

Continuing the series of easy hotel food recipes (that avoid the use of questionable meats), I'm sharing a great way to use leftover rice and beans for breakfast.
Dry rice and canned beans are both readily available, "trustworthy" ingredients.

Oh! And a great tip for hotel cooking - use coconut oil. We brought a jar from home to use for cooking and as a moisturizer. Double duty items are great for travel.
I made a batch of rice & beans with hot dogs mixed in. Since hot dogs come vacuum sealed and contain preservatives, we felt pretty safe eating them. Like I mentioned, the meat in the supermarkets looked really questionable and we didn't feel comfortable buying it.
Rice and beans made a delicious dinner but we had tons of leftovers.
So for breakfast, I cooked up some eggs, over easy.
I plated up some rice & beans, topped it with an egg, piled on some grated cheese, and sprinkled on some cilantro.
So good, but even better with some chunky salsa.
Oh, and some hot sauce too.
So good! Lots of protein to keep you full, carbs for energy, and plenty of flavor.



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