Mushroom Ravioli with Sage

First let me say that this post doesn't involve me making mushroom ravioli. Sorry to disappoint you but I bought some ready-made ravioli at the store because I really wanted a way to use up some of the sage that's growing out of control in my garden. I love sage. It's earthy and fragrant and a little bit woody and goes so well with mushroom.

This isn't an extensive recipe post because it's so easy, it's not even worth it to try and be descriptive. But, I do have some photos to share.
For the ingredients, you only need 6 things: mushroom ravioli, garlic, sage, parmesan cheese, black pepper and olive oil.

I just threw some sage leaves and roughly chopped garlic in a pan with 1 tablespoon of olive oil.
Then, I boiled a pot of water, salted it, and tossed in the fresh ravioli. I knew they were done when they started to float.
While the ravioli was cooking, I let the sage and garlic and olive oil heat up in a pan over a low heat. Heating herbs and garlic over a low heat helps the oil become flavored without tasting burnt. Then, I drained the ravioli and added it to the pan.
I let everything cook a bit until a few of the ravioli pieces started to get a bit of color.
And then it's time to serve. I made sure each portion had a little bit of sage and garlic.
Grated a bit of cheese on top for flavor and presentation.
And then it was time to eat. Ravioli make a great appetizer or main course.
And they also make a great side dish. That's a roast petite (tenderloin) with a simple salad, if you're curious.


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