Blue Water Grill

The second time we went out for dinner we went to the Blue Water Grill. We passed by it on our way back to our hotel after a day of snorkeling and saw a "coconut crusted snapper" on the menu and we were sold. We went back to our hotel, rested, showered, and then went out to dinner.
The Blue Water Grill is a family-owned restaurant with a nice story and mission.

We were given a herb-speckled bread to start. It was fluffy and flavorful but nothing overly special. I'm a crusty-chewy French bread girl though, so I can be pretty particular when it comes to bread.
We shared three dishes, the first of which, came off of the appetizer menu. It was the Togarashi-Spiced Calamari which was drizzled with citrus sauce. The calamari was tender with a delicious crispy breading and the citrus sauce was great because it helped cut the grease of the deep fried factor.
And of course, we got the Coconut Encrusted Snapper Fillet. It came with rice and broccoli and the plate was garnished with a cilantro oil and a plum sauce.
We also ordered the Mixed Grill which had lobster, grouper, and shrimp. It came with garlicky mashed potatoes and a coconut sauce. This plate was also garnished with cilantro oil. I love cilantro so I really liked the oil.
Here's just another angle of the Mixed Grill; so you can see the lobster.
This plate proves how much we enjoyed our meal.
We had room for dessert so we got the flourless chocolate cake and substituted the vanilla ice cream with coconut ice cream because we love coconut. It was rich and delicious and a decadent way to end our meal.
You can't beat a view like this during dinner.


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