Garden Update 4

I was a bit apprehensive that a LOT of growth would occur while I was in Belize because I wouldn't be able to see it (and photograph it) but thankfully, I didn't miss too much. The cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers are actually forming now! It's so exciting, for me at least.

{tomato close up}
{a teeny tiny jalapeno}
{teeny tiny cucumbers starting to form from the blooms}
{it's pretty awesome; cucumber vines will cling onto whatever it can as the plant climbs upwards}
{this is my favorite photo; the cucumbers are really forming and it's awesome}
{and I just wanted to share that the watermelons have some buds as well!}
Over the course of the week after I got back from holiday, I was grilling a lot of food (which you will see on this blog eventually). So every time I went outside to grill, I brought along my camera and tried to document the progress of things actually growing day by day.
{the cucumbers}
{compare how much "bumpy" space there is to "smooth" space as it grows}
{the ratio of stem to pepper is getting smaller and smaller}
{I've been gauging their growth by looking at the diminishing space between each tomato}
I can't wait until I can show you guys these when they're full grown (and I can't wait to eat them). Oh! And for the watermelons to start sprouting, which I will also try and closely document.



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