Garden Update 2

Another pre-scheduled post! This is the last one; I fly home tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

My garden is coming along pretty slowly this year. Usually by now, we'd have lots of peppers and tomatoes but this year, the weather hasn't been great for the plants. There have been way too many cold streaks mixed in with heat waves and I think that the plants have been confused. We've been making good use of the herbs (especially the cilantro) but I'm counting the days until we have cucumbers and watermelons to pick.

{strawberries in our own yard}
{and we have a few berries!!}
{usually, these get eaten by squirrels every year before they ripen}
I just wanted share a few update photos from my garden, even though it seems like not much has happened since my first update. I know that out in the midwest, they dealt with a huge drought last year so I'm just thankful that we have sunshine and plenty of rain and the warm weather is finally here to stay.



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