Garden Update 3

Things are really heating up, literally, so my garden is growing more quickly and I feel like these updates might occur more and more often. These photos were actually taken before I went on holiday so they're a few weeks old (maybe even more than a month) at this point which means that currently, my garden is even more lush and things are sprouting, but I can't not share these photos so here we go:
{hydrangeas, take 2}
{lemon thyme and sage growing out of control}
{we roasted a chicken with both thyme and sage}
{tomato plant is growing taller and taller}
{the peppers are growing taller too}
{this jalapeno plant has a few buds!}
{the cucumber is doing really well}
{and it's producing lots of flowers!}
{so many buds which will become delicious cucumbers}
{mini harvest}
So as you can see, my garden is doing quite well. I've been giving it a little nitrogen-based plant food once a week just to help it along and of course, I try my best to get rid of any weeds that might be trying to hang out. FYI, cucumbers need lots and lots of water; otherwise, they can taste bitter and unpleasant once harvested so make sure they're never thirsty. And I love our hydrangeas now! If you remember from my previous Garden Update, they were green and barely budding.

Nature is so cool.


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