Wasabi & Sriracha Peas

Happy Friday :) I'm keeping it casual today because it's almost the weekend and I'm feeling a little sluggish. Plus, I'm gearing up to share all of my eats from my holiday to Providenciales - which I plan on sharing starting Monday.

Have you ever had Wasabi peas and/or Sriracha peas? I love them. They make a great snack, although they're deceptively high in calories so watch out.

I thought it didn't get any better than Wasabi peas but the Sriracha peas are much yummier, I think. They're kind of sweet and kind of spicy (like Sriracha, duh) and the more you eat, the more your tongue burns. The Wasabi peas only burn for a second and then it's all gone and your sinuses are magically cleared. Target sells hapi brand in both flavors.


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