Providenciales: Bay Bistro

Our final meal on the island was at Bay Bistro.

Taste: yummy
Portion size: generous
View/ambiance: it's right on the beach so the view is lovely. There was actually some sort of wedding party going on right on the beach which looked fun. Saw a bunch of people on dates as well as families so it's friendly for both romantic evenings and casual ones.
Price: typical for the island
Service: prompt and friendly
Other notes: we paid $120 with the tip, which wasn't included on the bill
The breadsticks were made with pesto and parmesan (like a few other places on the island).

And the dipping sauce - kind of a parsley pesto - went well with the breadsticks.
I got myself a cocktail for the final evening. Like a dummy, I forgot to write down what it was called but it had pineapple juice, coconut rum, and a few other things. Refreshing, tropical, and delicious.
These conch wontons, a specialty, were really good.
The bouillabaisse was FULL of seafood - you will not feel jipped, I promise - and it was really delicious. We only wished we'd had more bread for dipping.
The bacon-wrapped shrimp was a special for the night and it was really good. The barbecue/char flavor was enhanced by the smokiness of the bacon and the shrimp were so tender. The dirty rice side was also really good.
For dessert, we had the coconut cheesecake, which was sweet but the tart strawberries were a perfect accompaniment. The filling was creamy and the graham cracker crust had pecans in it (or so we suspected) which made it a little bit more special.
And because it was our last night, we had a second dessert - coconut ice cream. Creamy, coconutty, and yummy.


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