Providenciales: Seven

Seven is the fanciest restaurant we visited while in TIC. It's located in the Seven Stars Resort, which is fancy shmancy and lovely.

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Taste: really delicious
Portion sizes: on the smaller side. Having been to two restaurants with HUGE portions already, we assumed that was typical of the island so we tried getting two appetizers and sharing one entree. We were sated but we definitely could've eaten more.
View/ambiance: outdoor seating is in an enclosed courtyard-like area with lovely linens and twinkle lights - all around lovely and romantic vibe
Price: expensive, but I think you're paying a lot for the service and ambiance
Service: so so so attentive, but not in an overbearing way - best service on the island
Other notes: our waiter set up an ice bucket so that our bottled water would stay chilled which was awesome because lukewarm water is not appetizing (yes, bottled water - because though the tap water is potable, it's not the tap water we're used to). Our bill came out to $156.24 with tip; 15% tip was included on the bill.

The restaurant was really lovely with comfortable seating and crisp linens.
As soon as we were seated, we were set up with an array of four different salts - a salt tasting, if you will - to go with our assorted breads. The fleur de sel was soft and had a higher moisture content so the grains stuck together, which made it smooth and almost buttery. The red sea salt had a pretty distinctive flavor beyond just salty and went really well with the bread. The black lava salt, which the waitress described as slightly smoky, did have a charred taste and since the flakes were so big, they added texture and crunch to whatever it was sprinkled on. Lastly, the TCI salt, which was my favorite because it was so subtle and not as salty as I thought it would be.

We decided that since this place was so fancy, we'd start off the night with some yummy cocktails. Each was expertly mixed and refreshing.
Another nice surprise was the complimentary amuse bouche from the chef. Who doesn't love free things?
Super fresh and delicate carpaccio - the spicy habanero salsa was a nice touch.
Our second appetizer was just as delicious. The scallops were perfectly cooked, really tender with a slightly crispy exterior.
This photo is a little ugly and washed out because it was dark but don't let it distract you. This cassoulet, though it was missing the white beans I was craving, was still delicious. The coconut peas and rice were so yummy, I plan on making them for myself sometime soon.
The waiter brings a plate of veggies and gratin for each table at the same time as the entrees. The vegetables - asparagus, carrots, zucchini, and yellow squash - are simply tossed in butter. The potatoes were sliced a little too thick but they were still really good.
Creme brulee is one of my favorite desserts so I had to have some when I saw it on the menu. Really crispy crunchy sugary bruleed top and a delicious creamy custard.
And coconut ice cream definitely suits a tropical vacation, right? It was velvety and delicious.
And lastly, I recommend you visit the bathroom too. It's beautiful and French-themed. And they have my favorite brand of lotion - L'Occitane.


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