Jjajangmyun 짜장면

One of my favorite dishes is jjajangmyun, which is a Korean adaptation of a Chinese noodle dish. If you go to a good jjm place, the wheat noodles are handmade, which means you get a few fatter noodles and some skinnier noodles, which is something I love. Then they're covered in a sauce made with a black soybean paste and vegetables and sometimes meat or seafood. It's like Korean spaghetti. In Korea, you can get it delivered.
You can also get jjamppong (짬뽕), which is a spicy soup with the same noodles, and it's always full of seafood. Both jjm and jjamppong are favorites among many so many restaurants will offer jjamjjamyun, which is a bowl with a divider and half-sized portions of each dish are offered.
And my family likes to also get kanpoongi to eat with our meal. It's breaded and deep fried chicken (or shrimp) which is covered with a sweet and sour and spicy sticky sauce.
All of these photos were taken at Mandarin in Palisades Park (yelp review here).


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