Providenciales: Mango Reef

Mango Reef is a restaurant that used to be located at the Royal West Indies hotel (where we stayed) but relocated to a larger property due to its popularity.

Taste: yummy
Portion size: HUGE, sharing is recommended
View/ambiance: the restaurant is on the beach so it's very beautiful and romantic but it's casual enough that you'll feel comfortable bringing kids
Price: typical for the island but good value for your dollar since the portions are incredibly generous
Service: courteous but a little slow - which I just blame on "island time"
Other notes: they offer a three course special meal for $44, which includes an appetizer, entree, and dessert and it's a really good deal. We paid $92.00 with the tip, which was not included on the bill.

The bread just looked like nothing special but it was actually really good - crispy exterior, fluffy and chewy interior.

These crab samosas were part of the special meal deal and they were really good. I wasn't really sure why they called them samosas since they were wrapped in a phyllo dough and had zero Indian spice. They had more of an Asian (specifically Chinese) influence but they were really delicious so who cares?
The duck confit was also part of the special meal. It came on a bed of mashed potatoes (which tasted a little stale, honestly) and sauteed spinach. On the side was a chipotle barbecue sauce, which was good, but the duck tasted great by itself.
Unaware of the generous portions, we ordered a second entree in addition to the one that came with the special meal. This curry was really good and full of seafood. There were a bunch of shrimp, pieces of fish, a few mussels, and some scallops. It was incredibly flavorful.
After Coco Bistro's coconut pie, this mousse cake was rather lackluster but it was still good. The tarte strawberry sauce drizzled over the top went well with the super sweet mousse.


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