Providenciales: Da Conch Shack

Da Conch Shack is probably one of the best known places on the island - or at least it seems that way because everyone mentions it.

Taste: fresh and yummy
Portion size: generous - two of us shared a platter
View/ambiance: tables and chairs are a little salt-worn and old but comfortable and the view of the ocean (and all the conch shells) is great
Price: cheap for the island but pricey compared to the States
Service: they're all on island time so it's hard to flag down a waiter but once you put in your order, your food comes out quickly
Other notes: there are stands with conch shells in all sizes, painted and natural, for sale. You can also go dip your toes in the water and there are tons of conch shells sitting in the ocean. Tip isn't included in the bill; we paid $38 with tip.

The rum punch was recommended and we're glad we got it because it really was quite delicious.
Since neither of us had eaten conch before, we tried the combo platter. It was a good "introduction" to conch. The fritters, which were like hush puppies, were yummier than the cracked conch, which was kind of like tempura, but everything was yummy. I would not recommend the plantain fries because they're kind of dry and mealy. If you've never had conch, I'd say it's comparable to calamari. Just try it!


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