Providenciales: Cooler

So a couple weeks ago, I was relaxing on holiday in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos. Back in January when I went to Hawaii, I really got to see how grocery stores have to mark up the cost of food because everything is imported. So, this time, we decided to pack some food to take down with us. We bought a cooler from Target that was small enough to be convenient to carry but large enough to hold quite a bit of food. We also made sure the dimensions would qualify the bag as carry-on luggage because though we planned on checking it on the way down, we didn't want to go through that hassle on the way back up.
Here are a few of the things we packed:
Not pictured, we also brought along pudding snack packs, a small vaccum-sealed package of kimchi, apples, and a box of cereal, which all fit neatly into the cooler.

I think we saved quite a bit of money because we had breakfast and lunch for every day we were on vacation (minus 1 day where we went out for lunch at a place with a great view and on our last day when we went out for breakfast, just because). It was also nice because I always crave Korean food when I'm away and it was nice to have some of the comforts of home.

Always remember that if you're bringing canned goods, buy the ones with easy-open tops, in case your hotel doesn't have a can opener for you to use. Also, make sure the bag is packed tightly because once you hand it over to your airline, it's going to get manhandled by the luggage movers and you don't want everything to get jostled and crushed.


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