Providenciales: Hemingway's

Hemingway's is a lovely spot in the Sands Resort. Unfortunately, that day, we'd tried to go to Sapodillas, in the Beaches Resort, only to find out since it was all-inclusive, we weren't allowed in without a day pass, so we didn't have reservations. However, we were seated, though we were at a table without a view.

Taste: delicious
Portion size: HUGE
View/ambiance: we weren't in great seats, but there is beach-side seating with a view so ask for that when making your reservations
Price: cheap compared to the rest of the island; this menu had the lowest prices we'd seen all week, especially considering the giant portions
Service: smiley and accommodating
Other notes: we paid $120 with tip, which was not included on the bill. Get the fried ice cream because it is amazing.

The conch chowder wasn't spicy enough for us so we had to ask for some hot sauce. It was kind of like Manhattan clam chowder. As you can see, it was a v. generous portion, especially for an appetizer, and it was full of vegetables and conch.
After gorging on seafood all week, our bodies were craving a little red meat so we had the beef skewers. They were well cooked and definitely hit the spot.

The curry shrimp came wrapped in a banana leaf. The curry itself was a bit sweet, which was interesting. The shrimp were so tender - probably from being steamed inside the banana leaf.
The special of the evening was a dish called, "The Old Man and the Sea" (Hemingway appropriate) and it was amazing. The snapper was so fresh and delicious and I thought that ratatouille was a yummy way to serve vegetables instead of just steaming them.
We weren't sure about dessert but we decided to get the fried ice cream and we did not regret it. The breading on the ice cream was quite different - I suspect it was ground up cereal but I'm not sure - and the crispy tortilla with whipped cream added another few layers of texture. SO GOOD!