Providenciales: Fresh Bakery

Fresh Bakery is a great and affordable place to grab breakfast on the island. It was within walking distance of our hotel so we headed there on our last morning to treat ourselves to a hearty meal before a day of snorkeling.

Taste: great and a lot of things are customize-able to your liking
Portion size: large
View/ambiance: no view, bar seating
Price: cheap for the island and comparable to diner prices in the States
Other notes: our breakfast was $11.10 - since you have to clean up for yourself, there's no tip required but there is a tip jar if you're feeling generous

There's enough parking space for two or three cars if you end up driving over.
We got this apple pastry, which was baked fresh and tasted like it. Not overly sweet, really delicious.
We also got an omelette (forgive the ugly photo - fluorescent lighting doesn't make anything look good) with peppers, onion, bacon, and mozzarella cheese. It came with a huge salad, which, even though it's weird for breakfast, was fresh and we ate the whole thing so no complaints from us.


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