Providenciales: Coco Bistro

One week before we took off, we made dinner reservations at all of the restaurants we wanted to try. For our first night on the island, we ate at Coco Bistro, which was just a short distance from our hotel. It's located near the casino and there's a big sign for it so it's hard to miss.

Taste: delicious! Coconut pie for dessert is a must.
Portion size: generous - 1 appetizer + 1 entree could be shared by 2
View/ambiance: this is not a beach side restaurant but there are towering palm trees surrounding the outdoor seating with twinkling lights here and there so though it is casual, it's still lovely and romantic
Price: typical for the island, not as cheap as some places, but also not as expensive
Service: prompt, friendly, manager even came by to make sure our dining experience was satisfying
Other notes: tip is included in the bill (we paid $127.05 with tip for our whole meal)

And now, some photos:
They gave us a little plate so we could dip our bread in the balsamic vinegar and/or oil and/or pepper.

The appetizer reminded me of tuna poke (Hawaiian specialty) because of the way the tuna was cut and marinated. The tortilla and the crunchy cabbage on the bottom gave a nice textural contrast to the soft and smooth tuna.
The mahi-mahi was cooked perfectly and the red curry was really delicious. It was sweet and savory and coconutty. The mango chutney went well with the spicy cajun spices rubbed onto the fish.
The ravioli was a little salty but we're also pretty salt intolerant. Each raviolo was full of shrimp and crab.
This photo came out a little grainy because it was dark but this pie was so good. The coconut custard was really smooth and sweet, which was well complemented by the light and airy whipped cream. Seriously so good. We loved it so much, we tried making our own; I'll be sharing the recipe sometime soon.
And this little kitty, called Coco, was wandering around the premises while we ate. She looks a little evil in the photo but she was actually really sweet and cute.