Providenciales: Anacaona

Anacaona is known for its infinity bar and great view. If you don't go there to eat a meal, I'd definitely say venture over to sit at the bar.

Taste: some dishes were phenomenal and some were disappointing so I think it's a matter of what you order
Portion size: normal - neither stingy nor generous
View/ambiance: beautiful! Ask for a seat near the beach for a great view and photo opportunities with the sunset
Price: typical of the island
Service: friendly but a little slow - the slowness is just because everyone's on island time so just be patient and get in tune with the same schedule
Other notes: bottled water is free! Or at least, it's built into the price of the food. And it's kept in ice buckets to keep it freezing cold and lip-smackingly fresh. Our bill came out to $143.99 which included a 10% tip, incorporated on our check.

This tiny kitty hung out near our table the whole night. He/she (not sure which) was the cutest cat ever!!

Beautiful view, right?
Sky slowly turning pink...
The sun was hiding behind the clouds but it still looked majestic and the colors were much more beautiful in person.

The paella rice tasted a bit burned but all of the seafood and chicken sitting on top of the rice was cooked really well.
The anchovy sauce was a bit too salty but the rare tuna was amazing.
Yummy runny yolk!
We didn't know what gourmandize was but our waitress said chocolate cake so we ordered one. It's actually molten on the inside.
And complimentary chocolates to end the meal.
Full moon.


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