Molly's Cupcakes

I previously posted about Molly's Cupcakes but it's one of those places I want to go to again and again. This time, I had my nice camera so I wanted to share some of those photos.
{hanging out on the swings}

{silly faces}
{our double chins are quite attractive in that last shot}
{cake batter}
{cookie monster}
{and my personal favorite: creme brulee}
{creme brulee cupcake}
{mirror photos}
{while we were eating cupcakes, a bunch of nude or semi-nude cyclists rode by}
{I tried to take a photo but my camera focused on the stupid swings}
{but you can still kind of see that the cyclists in the background aren't wearing much clothing}
If you live in the NYC area, please visit Molly's! A portion of their profits is donated to schools in the community (same with their Chicago location) so you can eat a cupcake and feel really good about it.



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