What I Ate: Cheesesteak Sandwich

Tomorrow I will be hopping on a plane and heading to Belize! I have a few scheduled posts planned for next week so my blog will update itself. Today, I'm being a little bit lazy and kind of phoning it in. This post isn't v. special; I'm just sharing a few photos from last weekend's lunch: super quick & easy cheesesteak.
{'chain' meat from a tenderloin/onions/cheese}
{we buy whole tenderloins from Costco and chop it up into filets ourselves}
{the 'chain' is a piece of meat along the side which is super flavorful but a little tough}
{all you have to do is cook it and chop it up and you can appreciate all of its goodness - perfect for a cheesesteak}
{piled on delicious crusty french bread}
{chow down}


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