Pancetta & Egg Croissantwich

I love a good breakfast sandwich. And as someone who is currently a New Jersey resident, I say this with pride, as our state is known for its delis, diners, and breakfast sandwiches.

There are all sort of breakfast sandwiches: taylor ham, sausage, bacon, canadian bacon, egg, cheese, tomato, etc. When served on a fluffy roll with SPK (salt, pepper, ketchup), it totally hits the spot, whether it's morning or lunch time or even for supper. The recipe I'm sharing today is quick and easy but hearty and delicious.

Ingredients [per sandwich]:
1 croissant
1 egg
2 slices pancetta
black pepper
Start by cooking some pancetta in a hot pan. Get it nice and crispy and then set aside on a paper towel to drain the excess oil.

Keep the rendered pancetta fat and use it to cook the eggs. I decided on eggs over easy but make it to your liking.
Meanwhile, cut the croissants open and butter both sides.
Toast the croissants. Do you say "cruh-sahnts" or "kwah-sohn" because I say the former aloud so as not to seem pretentious but the latter in my head because I took 6 years of French and I can't help it. Plus, I always think back to Flight of the Conchords, Foux De Fa Fa; do you know it?
And then assemble the sandwich by laying the egg on the bottom and topping with the crispy pancetta.
Finish with lots of fresh cracked pepper.
And then dig in. I love the drippy yolk. I happened to catch an "action" shot of the yolk mid-drip.
So good.


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