Raspberry Lemonade

May was a month full of weird and unpredictable weather. It would be 80 degrees one day and then 40 degrees the next. Now that it's finally June, I'm hoping it stays nice and warm for the rest of the summer. To celebrate the warmth, I decided to make some lemonade. I think making lemonade is one of the best ways to get into the summer spirit.

Ingredients [makes around ½ gallon]
6 lemons (or 1½ cups lemon juice)
6 to 8 cups water (to taste)
¾ cup agave nectar (or more if you prefer a sweeter lemonade)
1 cup fresh raspberries
I got this cute jug from Target for $3 a few months ago. I was really excited to finally use it.

Start by mashing some raspberries. Then place the squished berries in a sieve and strain the seeds and pulp.
Squeeze the lemons and strain out the seeds.
I like to keep the leftover squeezed lemon halves in the jug but that's just me. Add some agave nectar and the raspberry juice to the jar. Pour in a bit of water, start with 6 cups and give it a taste; add more water as needed.
At this point, you could use a bunch of ice to chill the lemonade (in which case, you should hold back on the amount of water you add). Or, you can refrigerate the lemonade for 4 hours or until completely chilled. By the way, you could definitely spike this lemonade with a little rum or tequila or vodka if you want to make it more adult.
I got this apple-shaped ice cube tray from Target as well ($1).
Serve the lemonade with a few ice cubes and a pretty straw.
For a full-summer experience, serve with some yummy sliders. Sip. Ahh.
Here's the recipe page:


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