Goat Cheese & Raspberry Croissantwich

If you're not a fan of eggy, meaty, salty sandwiches, like yesterday's pancetta & egg croissantwich post, how about a goat cheese and raspberry version instead? I love sweet and savory combinations.

Ingredients [per sandwich]:
1 croissant
1 teaspoon goat cheese
3 raspberries
honey (optional)
Start by cutting the croissants open, smearing a little butter on each side, and toasting it in a pan.

Then, spread a little goat cheese on the bottom of the croissant, drop on some berries, and smush them with a fork. Make sure the berries you use are fresh and delicious and sweet. Now that it's summer, you're almost guaranteed a great batch of berries every time, but it doesn't hurt to perform a little taste test, just in case.
I love the color of the raspberries. If you prefer things on the sweeter side, drizzle with a little bit of honey. I personally love the tangy goat cheese and the tart berries so no honey for me, thanks.
Looks good, right?
And then, dig in. I love the combination of salty, sharp goat cheese with the sweet berries. It's really good. The textural contrast is also nice: the crisp yet fluffy croissant, the soft cheese, and a bit of bite from the raspberry seeds.


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