Molly's Cupcakes - NYC

Molly's Cupcakes is my new favorite cupcake place... in North America; Hummingbird Bakery in London is still my all time #1.

Located at 228 Bleecker St. (not far from Magnolia Bakery), this is Molly's second location (the first is in Chicago, which I haven't visited) and from my research, I've found that it's set up the same, with warm colors, the same swing-style seating at the counter, and games to play while you eat. A portion of their profits go to schools in their community, so if $3.75 sounds like too much for a cupcake, keep that little tidbit in mind.

Their website has the same precious and adorable homey style that their cupcakes have and it's definitely worth a visit.

I popped in on a Saturday night, for the first time ever, and instantly fell in love. The little laminated homemade labels describing the cupcakes were seriously cute and the store smelled amazing. They have amazing specialty filled cupcakes as well as regular unfrosted cupcakes, which you can personalize.

It took a bit of perusing and pondering but the three of us decided to pick three cupcakes to share. We settled on the pumpkin spice, which we thought would be a nice wintery treat, the creme brulee (which is my favorite dessert), and peach cobbler, because the fluffy cream sitting on top looked so inviting.

The creme brulee was filled with a creamy vanilla custard and the top was torched and topped with 2 blueberries and a raspberry. It was the perfect cupcake's ode-to-creme-brulee and executed flawlessly.
The pumpkin spice was filled with a fluffy mascarpone and topped with cream cheese frosting, which accompanied the spiciness of the cake nicely.
The peach cobbler tasted just like peach cobbler. It was filled with a peach compote, which was the right amount of sweet, and topped with a really fluffy whipped cream. The crumb topping mimicked the texture of cobbler perfectly. I was truly impressed.

I was also impressed by the selection of sprinkles they had at the "condiment counter" (along with utensils, coffee/tea additives like simple syrup and milk, and utensils). They were colorful, fun, and you could get creative with your cupcakes.

And if you're not in the mood for a fancy filled cupcake or you want to pay a little less or you're picky about what tops your cupcakes, you could go the simple route and pick from this menu.

When it came time to leave, I decided to grab a few cupcakes to go. They have boxes that fit four, six, and a dozen cupcakes with a little chipboard caddy inside so the cupcakes don't topple, which is awesome. I left with two cupcakes I had already tried (creme brulee and peach cobbler) and two new ones, the mixed berry and the red velvet. Both were divine! The mixed berry was really fresh and fruity and the red velvet was chocolatey and delicate - the best red velvet I've ever had.

Though I don't plan on visiting too often (calorie overload), it was definitely an inspiration place. I'm inspired to make some of my own gourmet cupcakes.


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