Super Bowl Snacks Roundup 2015

Guys, it's here! It's the best snack food weekend of the year! That rhymed! And that was way too many exclamation points. Let me calm myself down a bit.
I've been blogging long enough that I can do these recipe roundup type posts. And even though I hate roundup posts (as I think they make me come off a little lazy) because I'm not a full-time blogger (I have a day job) I don't make dishes in advance and share them for the coming holiday. Instead, I make them to eat for the actual holiday and then I share them afterwards (when they're kind of useless).

So, a bunch of the posts I'm linking to are a result of last year's Super Bowl. The rest are just other delicious foods I'm dreaming of making myself this weekend. In summary, I just picked a bunch of my favorites. I'm not sure which recipes I'll be making yet, though I'm sure there may be one or two newer recipes that will end up on the blog on next year's round up. All I know is that I'm excited to sit on the couch and pretend to be interested in football whilst actually being interested in the mountains of food in front of me.

Here are some Mexican options:

Here are some protein-y options:

Here are some dips:

Here are some sandwiches:

Here are some fancy schmancy options:

Here are some Korean snacks:

Here are some sweets:

Here are some frozen sweets:

I have a confession: I used to be a Patriots fan. I know! I live in the NY Metro area; for shame! Admittedly, it's because I found Tom Brady v. attractive. But, a few years ago, when I saw him with long hair, my crush just withered up and fell off. Basically, I've stopped watching all NFL games (unless they happen to be on at the pub) so I had no idea that the Pats were in the Super Bowl until I went and googled "katy perry super bowl halftime." Lord, I'm confessing some really embarrassing things right now. Anyway, I don't really care who's playing. I just want to eat. And maybe watch Katy Perry's performance. I'm sorry!

Go team!


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