What I Ate: Kimchi Sujebi

My sister likes to tell this story whenever we make sujebi. I wasn't there to witness it because I was away at school, but she's told it so many times, it feels like I was there. As kids my sister and I loved to help our mum make sujebi (Korean hand torn noodles) because it was fun to play with the dough. I think it's something we'll always enjoy. Anyway, Mum was making this for dinner one evening and asked my sister to help make the noodles but told her to wash her hands first. M went to the sink, washed her hands, started tearing off pieces of dough and dropping them in the soup.

Everyone sat down to enjoy the meal. After the first bite, everyone crinkled up their noses and did that "[jjap jjap] What the frick is this taste?" thing with their mouths. My mom then turned to my sister and asked, "Did you use the cucumber melon soap to wash your hands?" The dough ended up tasting and smelling like the soap. Mom had a temper so my sister got a pretty strong talking to after that incident. Of course, we can laugh about it now. Oh, and we no longer have Bath & Body Works soaps in our house and probably never will, thanks to the sujebi incident of 20-whatever.
If you need the step-by-step recipe, I shared one almost two years ago exactly. The only difference is that I used a beef broth in today's post. I had some leftover from some other dinner venture and you know, waste not, want not.



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