What I Ate: Ice Cream Sandwiches

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We keep frozen cookie dough in the freezer and there's always a carton of some sort of homemade ice cream in there too. And when we crave ice cream sandwiches? We make 'em!

How about some coconut ice cream with toasted coconut flakes on homemade awesome chocolate chip cookies?

Or Lucky Charms Ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and nonpareils. I friggin love sprinkles so I just kept the bowl and continued dipping my sandwich after every bite.
You could also do chocolate ice cream sandwiched between double chocolate cookies and rolled in chocolate chips, cinnamon ice cream sandwiched between snicker doodles and rolled in cinnamon granola, good ol' vanilla bean ice cream sandwiched between sugar cookies and rolled in toffee, chai spice ice cream sandwiched between ginger snaps and rolled in chopped pecans, strawberry basil ice cream sandwiched between shortbread cookies and rolled in almond slivers, or maybe some sweet corn ice cream sandwiched between pieces of cornbread and rolled around in popcorn? The possibilities are seriously endless. I gave you combinations for every type of ice cream I've made on my blog. So go! Be cool!


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