What I Ate: Spicy Chicken Sandwich

It's September already. The summer seriously flew by so fast; it's tragic. But I'm incredibly thankful for this three day weekend. It was incredibly lazy and indulgent and I watched a lot of trashy television and yet it was so productive. I blogged a lot. I documented several meals that I'll be sharing here eventually. Blogging is fun for me so it's not like I worked or anything. It was a productive sort of indulgence.

In the spirit of productive indulgence, I'm sharing faux fast food today. I get cravings for greasy burgers and fried chicken sandwiches every so often. I love that red headed chick's spicy chicken sandwich; you know who I'm talking about. I'm a fan of heat and it's kind of rare to find fast food that is spicy so this sandwich is a real favorite.

And even though it would only take a two minute cruise to grab myself one of those sandwiches, I decided to make this at home myself. Why? Because I had all of the ingredients and because I could.
I used my usual fried chicken recipe and method of buttermilk and seasoning except this time I used extra cayenne and black pepper and threw in a few serrano pepper slices to amp up the heat.

What can I say about this sandwich? The chicken is crazy tender and delicious - which is owed in part to the buttermilk soak but mostly due to the fact that chicken thighs are incredibly moist and flavorful - and the breading is so crisp and spicy. Garden-ripe red tomatoes have tons of flavor and give this sandwich a lovely freshness. Fun fact: I used to despise tomatoes and I still sometimes do. If a tomato was ripened off of the vine, it has no flavor and it sucks. It's just a red, watery blob. If a tomato is actually ripe and fresh, it's amazing. Lettuce adds a nice crunch and fresh round rolls are the perfect bookends to this pile of delicious fillings. Oh, and if you like mayo on your sandwiches, go for it.
By the way, that pickle right there was made from the fresh picked cucumbers from our garden. Don't you wish you were eating this for lunch today? Yeah? Well go shopping and then make it!

Here's the recipe page:


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