What I Ate: For Dinner (2)

Hello! This is the first of two posts that have been prescheduled for while I'm away on holiday! I'm hopefully sunning in Santorini as this goes live.

I figured I would keep things casual around here while I'm away so I decided I would share another 'What I Ate: for Dinner' post, as I have collected quite a few photos of some of my more memorable meals from the past few months.
There's a mixture of really summer meals in there (the grill is featured a few times) but there are also some heartier dishes from when the temperatures dipped here and there early in the summer.

This meal was really summery in particular: sweet potato fries on the grill (with fresh rosemary from the garden), a big salad, and delicious burgers.
I made a really watery version of my basic tomato sauce (by adding some stock and some wine) and then cooked my penne directly in it. I also stirred in tons of grated cheese, made some bruschetta toasts smeared with basil pesto and sundried tomato pesto and just simple cheese and made a big salad and some roasted vegetables. This was a delicious meal and it made for awesome leftovers.
I also made some delicious strawberry sparkling moscatos to enjoy with the pasta. Because what goes better with pasta than wine?
I made a simple eggplant with garlic sauce (with a little soft tofu stirred in) and a thai red curry with chicken drumsticks and lots of fresh cilantro. We ate this with fluffy jasmine rice and it was delicious.
We had ourselves a delicious Indian-inspired meal with some spicy chicken tikka masala (with eggplant), roasted vegetables, red onion chutney, some Indian-style couscous, and garlic naan.
For a simple, healthy-ish dinner, we had a simple grilled flatbread pizza smeared with goat's cheese, drizzled with honey, sprinkled with crushed red pepper flakes, and then generously topped with baby arugula, sliced tomatoes, and caramelized onions.
On this particular evening, we had some beans & rice, skirt steak with chimichurri, crumbled queso fresco, freshly fried tortilla chips, and an avocado and corn salsa.
We enjoyed lots of grilled ribs this summer. To accompany the ribs, I made roasted vegetables, a frisee salad, and a Greek-inspired Israeli couscous made with lots of cucumber, tomato, onion, dill, and Greek yogurt. It was pretty delicious.
There were some lovely pork chops at the market so I made a modified version of grilled pork with tiny rice sticks with pickled carrot and daikon (except without the carrot because we ran out).
We had another meal of grilled ribs, but this time with some mash and sauteed kale.
I picked a generous amount of basil from our garden and whipped up a pesto with cashew nuts and a huge chunk of parmesan. I've decided that I love cashews in pesto because they make it extra creamy and decadent.
I made a big pot of cheesy salsa chicken (using habanero cheddar), some rice, platanos maduros, and roasted vegetables. These leftovers were awesome the next day at work.
So there you have it; another roundup, done.