Arnold Palmer

Back in university, my roommates and I would drink Arnold Palmers all the time (the ones by Arizona). We would jokingly call them "alnord parmels" (switching the 'r's and 'l's). It's one of my favorite beverages, whether it's bottled or made fresh. I made a big pitcher to accompany a delicious burger dinner and it was so delicious and refreshing. Sure, it's more effort than buying the premade stuff, but it's so much better when made with true brewed tea and real lemons.
arnold palmer
2 cups cold brew tea
¾ cup quick lemonade
2 cups water
mint sprigs

cold brew tea
2 cups water
4 to 6 teabags

quick lemonade
5 to 6 lemons (½ to ⅓ cup juice)
½ cup sugar

It's a really easy recipe to throw together, though you do need a little time on the tea. Grab a container, fill with water and tea bags, close it up, and leave to brew at room temperature overnight. Then, pop in the fridge (with the tea bags) and chill. I went with Earl Grey tea this time, which was really light and fresh-tasting. I think black tea is best here, though, green tea might be nice; I'll have to give it a go.
To make the quick lemonade, combine lemon juice and sugar in a jar, pop on the lid, and shake until the sugar is completely dissolved. Chill, if you like.
To make the arnold palmers, grab a pitcher and fill with ice. Optionally, throw in some mint sprigs and lemon slices. Pour in the quick lemonade, tea, and top off with water. You can add less water for a stronger-tasting drink or more water for a weaker one. Stir until the color is homogenous and then serve (over more ice).
These were so refreshing and totally hit the spot on a hot day. The brightness of the fresh lemon paired with the warm, naturally sweet flavor of the tea is really nice and this is the ideal picnic barbecue drink.


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