Lobster & Sweet Corn Pasta

I'm back from holiday and I'm so cranky about it. I have an awesome tan that I can't even show off properly because it's freezing in the office! But, I can be in a good mood about one thing: this blog post. I'm pretty happy with this dish.

My mom was one of those crazy people at buffets where she would stuff herself until she was sick and would encourage my sister and me to do the same. She was especially embarrassing at seafood buffets where she would pile her plate high with king crab legs and harass the staff when stock would get low. I hated that behavior as a kid but I'm pretty sure I behave similarly when I'm at any buffet now.

This woman, who gave me life, also taught me how delicious lobster is and that one must always squeeze out every ounce of meat, including from the tiny legs. She and my dad used to steam a few lobsters for dinner maybe once a year. It was a special little treat for our family to indulge in and I follow a similar tradition. Maybe once a year (probably less often, due to my squeamishness) I buy a lobster or two and make an indulgent little meal. So, this post is to share this year's lobster dish: a delicious creamy pasta with plenty of delicious lobster. I went all out and made fresh pasta, I used in-season sweet corn, and I stuck with my love of butter poaching lobster. I think it yields the most tender, decadent lobster. Plus, I like how easy it is to pull out all of the meat by par-cooking it.
Ingredients [serves 4]:
1 lb. fresh pasta (fettuccine or pappardelle)
2 ears of corn
2 butter poached lobsters
¼ cup beurre monte (leftover from poached lobster)
lobster shells
½ cup milk
½ cup cream
1 cup + ¼ cup grated parmesan
1 scallion, chopped
2 basil leaves, chiffonade
+ fresh ground pepper

Start by butter poaching some lobster.
Grill some corn and cut the kernels off of the cob.

Make fresh pasta. You can use dried pasta here, but because the lobster is so delicate, fresh pasta does make a difference.
Pop the lobster shells and trimmed corn cobs into a saucepan with the milk and cream and simmer for a few minutes until reduced by half. Then drain to remove the shells and cobs. Cool briefly and then stir the grated cheese into the cream.
Cook the pasta for a few minutes in salted boiling water (fresh pasta usually takes about 3 minutes) and then drain.
Add the cheesy cream, drained pasta, corn kernels, and a little of the beurre monte to the pot and toss until a creamy sauce forms. Then, toss in some scallions.
Before I made the pasta, I made some lemon ricotta to make some delicious lemon ricotta toasts for an appetizer. I made two kinds: strawberry & balsamic vinegar and fig & honey.
Plate up the pasta and top with some cheese and chiffonade basil and dig in.
This pasta tastes super lobstery and I love it. The delicate fresh pasta is complemented so nicely by the sweet corn and lobster meat. The cheese adds a sharpness. The basil adds brightness. It's so summery and beautiful, it makes me want to cry.
Here's the recipe page: