What I Ate: Korean Food (3)

Whenever I do these Korean food roundups, I get so hungry. Korean food is my default cuisine (hello, it's what I grew up on) so it's the one type of food I can always eat, no matter what my mood is.
This roundup is a little less elaborate than the past two, mostly because I was just a bad blogger and didn't pick up the camera quite as much as I should have.

Dahk kalbi is always a big hit, especially now that we've been grating on Trader Joe's truffle cheddar. It's so good.
Bo ssam is also a big hit, especially when we have wilted cabbage to wrap it all up. I also made a quick cucumber kimchi, kimchi jjigae, and fried up some kimchi mandu. And on the side, there's also some julienned radish kimchi and diced radish kimchi. Yes, lots and lots of kimchi in one meal.
We had some spicy jjajang, which is basically my regular recipe with some Thai chili peppers and gochugaru mixed in. This was standout delicious.
This kalbi jjim was also made a bit spicier than my regular recipe with some Thai chili peppers. What can I say? I love making dishes spicy.
We had a tiny pot of seafood jeongol, some pork belly (a.k.a. samgyupsal), julienned radish kimchi, and Korean-style roasted eggplant (a.k.a. gaji namul).
This was made on the first hot day of the year when I didn't want to be bothered slaving over a stove. So, I just did the bare minimum: I boiled some water and cooked a few bundles of soba noodles and made bibim guksu. I added in some soaked seaweed (not laver but the kind used in miyuk moochim). For added protein, I also fried up some eggs to top our bowls.
This was a super simple meal of kimchi jjigae, donkatsu, and a simple salad. This salad was a huge hit. It was just chicory tossed lightly in a Korean-style dressing (made with soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, gochugaru, garlic, and sesame oil). I might share an actual recipe for that soon because it was well loved.
The last meal of this roundup is a dahk doritang. Chicken thighs were on sale so I popped them into a pan with some sweet potatoes (which are a slightly healthy alternative to regular potatoes and also work really well in this application), and finished the dish with some dduk and udon noodles because I was too lazy to make rice but I still wanted the carbs.
I like doing these roundups because it shows the variety of Korean food (as well as the opportunities to repeat). I need to make a conscious effort to document more of our meals because we eat a lot of Korean food. Note to self: do that.