Garden 2016

We were a little late setting up the garden this year. I had a bunch of busy weekends and then all of a sudden it got cold and then it got rainy. So, we didn't plant our garden until the first weekend in May. But we did a really good job this year. We cleared out all of the weeds, we worked hard to till our big garden box, and we bought a fun selection of produce to plant.
I'm excited because we planted a few new things this year but we also planted a lot of our old favorites and I can't wait to start harvesting.

The photo above is the before and the photo below is the after. We cleared out all of the dead leaves, the weeds, and cleaned up the existing plants. We still had some Italian oregano that we pruned back, we relocated our kale, and we thinned out our Korean chives. Our bee balm plant survived through the winter so we relocated that to the side.
We always pick one flower to plant in the center of our garden box to invite bees to come and pollinate and make honey. This year, we picked an insanely bright geranium,
We bought some seeds too, so we planted some carrots in a little rocked off area, some bok choy in a small planter, and some poppy seeds in a blank spot in our smaller garden box. We also brought our little fig tree and lemon tree outside, now that we're confident they won't suffer from a frost. The lemon tree actually has some buds so I expect to get some lemons in the next month or so.
We got a pot of ranunculus too. I love them and most of them are not yet bloomed so I can't wait to see what colors we'll have.
We tried to plant watermelon a few years ago, but they kept getting pecked before they grew to size. Hopefully, this one does a little better this year.
Getting the garden together was a hardcore workout and it was the first sunny day in a while so we took advantage and soaked up a lot of Vitamin D. Unfortunately, a few days after we planted the garden, a deer came and chomped off the geranium flower and a bunch of the ranunculus. Jerks! Still, we have the rest of our plants and I've decided that I still love nature!


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