What I Ate: Jjajang Bahp

Jjajang sauce over sticky rice, another result of a "don't feel much like cooking" kind of evening. I took a look in the fridge to find a pack of porkchops. There were onions and potatoes in the pantry and we hadn't had Korean food in a few days so jjajang bahp came to mind. Super quick and easy one pot meal? Cooking regained some of its appeal and I set to chopping, sauteeing, and simmering.

By the way, those of you unfamiliar with jjajang, it's a fermented black bean sauce which Koreans "borrowed" from the Chinese and altered slightly to make it fit Korean cuisine style and palates a little better. For those of you who have tried Korean barbecue and soon tofu and are looking for another classic Korean dish to try, look for a jjajangmyun (black bean sauce over noodles) restaurant. If it turns out that you're not a fan, most jjajangmyun places also serve standard Chinese takeout-style dishes too so at least you won't leave hungry.