Garden Update 4

My aunt and uncle maintain a really decent garden and they shared their harvest with us recently. We were given cucumbers, eggplants, and squash. If you're wondering, those peppers came from our garden.
The squash was gorgeous. We turned it into hobak jun, a.k.a. Korean-style fried zucchini.

Some of the slices were humongous, which I thought was both hilarious and delicious.
We've also got lots of strawberries and mint coming in. The squirrels and chipmunks keep coming to steal the berries. These are George Michael's designated berries because he pees on them so I don't mind so much but I think he's upset.
We've also got lots of gigantic cucumbers, which we pickled a little while after this photo was taken.
And a few tomatoes finally made an appearance. I can't wait to make some delicious tomato-based dishes, like caprese or panzanella.
I also have to share these adorable magnets that my friend D gifted me! Aren't they the sweetest?


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