Blueberry Picking

Because I was in North Dakota through the first week of July, we missed out on strawberry picking this year. So, we went blueberry picking instead. This was over the weekend of the Fourth. Blueberry season had just started and we picked a beautiful day to go. It was beautifully sunny and warm with a cool breeze to evaporate the sweat off our necks.
We started the morning with some buttermilk pancakes with sprinkles. Funfetti pancakes!

Then, we jetted off to Alstede Farms where we paid $5 admission per person and $0.10 per container. Admission is really more like, $3 because you get $2 back when you return to pay for what you've picked.
As we started walking towards the blueberry patch, we encountered raspberries and apples. They weren't quite ready to be picked yet but they looked cute anyway.
At first, we only saw one or two ripe berries on each bush but once we got deeper into the patch, the bushes were full of ripe berries!
I ate so many berries as I was picking. Shh, don't tell! Technically you aren't allowed to eat them until you've paid for them (makes sense) but it's kind of like, c'mon, guys. How can you expect us not to sneak a taste? They were friggin' delicious; a perfect combination of tart and sweet. Plus, antioxidants, so, yeah.
Are these photos getting boring yet? It's just lots and lots of shots of berries.
But I had so much fun taking these snaps so I'm sharing as many as I can.
We filled up two containers with delicious berries and then thought we might try the our luck at the strawberry patch also. It was the end of strawberry season though so it took a lot of digging to find enough berries to fill up a container. The good thing was that the strawberries were so sweet and perfectly ripe and red all over and they tasted like candy. The bad thing was that they were almost too ripe so they had to go into the fridge ASAP.
Look how patriotic!
Once we got home, we fired up the grill and had some surf 'n turf, which included zero of our "harvest" from the day but it was delicious so I'm sharing so that you'll be jealous.
We're still in the thick of blueberry season (in the northeast) so if there's a P-Y-O place nearby, head on over!


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