What I Ate: Pot Roast

Happy April Fool's Day. I don't have a joke for you; just some photos of pot roast, side dishes, and cupcakes.

A bit of a variation on this recipe.
{searing the meat}

{ready to eat}
{wild rice pilaf}
{buttery corn}
{salad... because greens are important and yummy}
{this one has escarole, radicchio, and endives with chopped pepperoncini peppers, parmesan cheese, and fresh cracked pepper; tossed in Newman's Own Lite Caesar, which is a great dupe for Olive Garden's dressing}
{because rice isn't enough carbs, some buttery toasted bread}

{my full plate}
{funfetti cupcakes for dessert}
Good 'ole all-'merican looking meal, huh?


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