What I Ate: Williamsburg Flea Market

A few weekends ago, I went to the Brooklyn Flea (Williamsburg location) with my favorite friend, D. We did a bit of eye shopping and then had a yummy lunch on the waterfront. It was quite chilly when the wind blew, but we made it work. You can pop over to my travels blog to see some more photos of the market.

Here's just a shot of the flea market itself, bustling with people:
And here's a shot of me with the food! First, we grabbed a lobster roll (Maine style) from the Red Hook Lobster Pound, as we both were craving lobster. Then, we each got a fresh juice from Vaquero Elotes (sorry they don't have a website); D got the lemon-lime while I got the watermelon - both were super delicious. And lastly, we got some sopes from Maria's Tacos Autenticos (sorry, no website for this one either); one was chorizo and the other was steak, both were topped with sour cream, cheese, pico de gallo, avocado sauce, and a hot green salsa. Everything was really delicious; I think in general, you can't go wrong getting food from any of the booths.

After the flea market, we did some shopping in Soho and then our tummies were growling again so we headed to Korea town and got some more food (and we ended up at Shilla). This first shot shows our hot pot bibimbap with beef.
Here it is, all mixed up.
And we also got a budae jjigae - which had ramen, sweet potato starch noodles, kimchi, dduk (rice cake), ham, spam, hot dogs, pretty much everything you could want in a soup. It really hit the spot considering how chilly it was that day.
So that's all I have to share today. Thanks for reading!


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