What I Ate: Korean Food (2)

The last time I did a Korean food roundup, it went really well (and it got a lot of hits) so I thought I would do it again. It's a fun way for me to share my everyday dinners and I feel like it's a nice way to provide meal inspiration.
Basically, Korean food is always a favorite in the wintertime because of the spicy soups. They're super comforting and delicious and perfect for feeling cozy.


Budae jjigae is one of my favorite ways to use up hot dogs. I also added some pork ribs and glass noodles to this batch.
I also made ojinguh bokkeum with a giant package of squid. And then, I took it a step further and mixed in some rice and let it sizzle in a hot stone pot to make some ojinguh gopdol bibimbap.
I mean seriously, look at how fancy and delicious this looks.
One of my favorite tips for preparing nori to eat with dinner is to fold it inside the package to cut it. This way, you don't need to grab any scissors and you don't get all oily.
Sometimes, when we feel like we don't have much banchan, we like to cut up an avocado and a pile of nori to eat with our meal. On this particular evening, we had some leftover soon tofu jjigae and some Korean-style flap steak.
I made crab jjigae on a particularly chilly day along with some Korean-style skirt steak.
I also made chicken kalguksu and made use of the new Kitchenaid to whip up the dough in record time.
And, I made a fresh batch of julienned radish kimchi to eat with the kalguksu.
I took a random day off from work (because we have a 'use it or lose it' policy at work) and I decided to make kimbap and kimchi soup. I've never shared a recipe for kimchi soup - because it's so simple, but I should and I will eventually - but it's basically beef broth with some chopped kimchi. I also threw in some chopped long hot peppers, tofu, and mung bean sprouts for some added sustenance.
We also had some dahk kalbi and I sprinkled it with leftover fontina cheese, which made it extra awesome.
And finally, we had some bo ssam with lots of quick cucumber kimchi, scallion salad, bok choy with garlic, and some beef bone soup.
So there you have it: another eight Korean meals. Admittedly, there are some repeats, but hey, I'm just keeping it real.



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