What I Ate: Chicken Kalguksu

I had planned on making Korean chicken porridge (dahk jook) for dinner. I had made the soup and everything but all of a sudden, I had the most insistent craving for noodles. I decided I would make kalguksu noodles and chuck them into the chicken soup. Tra-la! A delicious meal was born.
This is a 'What I Ate' style post so there will be few words and no recipe page at the bottom. However, if you just look at my dahk jook post, you can follow the directions for the soup, and if you just look at my kalguksu post, you can follow the directions for the noodles. Will looking at two posts be worth it? If you love food, then yes, it will be worth it.

I love fresh handmade noodles. They're so silky and chewy and delicate yet hardy.
Remember that chicken noodle soup that I shared earlier this week? Well, I used half of that stock to make this dish. And instead of reserving the chicken as somewhat of a garnish and seasoning agent, as I do when I typically make dahk jook, I chucked the shredded chicken and salt right into the pot.
The noodles then followed and were cooked just until floating, which took approximately 2 minutes. Yes, fresh noodles take some time to make but they cook up so quickly.
I served generous ladlefuls in giant bowls and garnished with some scallion and thinly sliced Thai chili peppers. This girl needs her spice.
This soup was warm, hearty, filling, and just incredibly delicious on a chilly wintry evening. I realize it's spring right now but this was enjoyed over a month ago (that's just how blogging life goes) and it was perfect. My sister made a batch of cucumber kimchi to accompany the soup. It was the ideal side dish, as it added a fresh element to the table (and helped us fulfill our daily vegetable intake quota). Also, it makes me really happy to photograph chicken dishes on top of our chicken placemats.


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