What I Ate: Ojinguh Bokkeum

I'm driving up to Ithaca today for a little long weekend trip with my family. The dog is coming too, which is nice. I'm excited to hit up my old favorites (even though a few have closed) and to revisit my alma mater, which I love and has a special place in my heart. I'm also super excited to hit up the farmer's market. Ithaca's farmers market is gorgeous and so much fun and there's tons of amazing food and beautiful produce.

I wish we had a more substantial farmers market in my town. Luckily for us, our grocery store is pretty well stocked and they recently set up a little stand with local produce. They've also upped their meat and seafood game. The selection isn't always that varied but once in a while they have some gems.
And when they do, I pounce. This time, it was a delicious looking package of squid which I turned into ojinguh bokkeum.