What I Ate: Kimbap

Kimbap made with lots of veggies and a little meat.
{yellow pickled radish}
{blanched spinach}
{julienned carrots, sauteed in sesame oil}
{egg omelette}
{egg omelette cut into strips}
{sliced avocado}
{vegetarian filling ingredients}
{cooking the beef}
{sirloin tips sliced against the grain, marinated in soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, and scallions}
{finished cooking}
{no longer vegetarian}
{rice soaking in water. cooked rice}
{rice wine vinegar. salt. brown sugar. sesame oil}
{give a little stir}
{fluff up some rice. add the vinegar mixture. mix. add sesame seeds}
{let cool}
{making kimchi soup}
{a little close up}
{making a roll}
{finished rolls}
{look at those colors}
{kimchi soup is the perfect accompaniment}
{racheerachh eats}


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